Why We Exist

FactorLab exists as a place to imagine, design, build and implement innovative technology solutions that solve difficult problems. Over the years we have learned that hard problems often have many contributing factors. These factors are often dynamic, sometimes controllable and other times less so. As a result we take a laboratory attitude of open mindedness, rapid real world testing and humility when working with companies on developing solutions and solving their challenges.

What We Do

We convert the enormous potential of the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) into real business results to improve operations, increase productivity, and deliver exciting game changing experiences.


These are exciting dynamic times in the era of digitization and the IoT (Internet of Things), redefining entire industries, value and supply chains and requiring successful companies to understand and navigate complex ecosystems.

FactorLab is at the cutting edge of new technology possibilities but also we keep our feet firmly planted on the ground to deliver business results and create meaningful differentiators. Part of that is being able to walk in our clients’ shoes. Our team has held leadership positions in large Fortune 500 companies, in startups working across the spectrum of industries. We do not see ourselves as individuals doing specific things but as a team creating things that disrupt and transform industries and organizations.

Barry Nelson

Barry founded FactorLab with the intent of bringing together the forces of smart people, hard work and emerging technologies to solve tough challenges customers face in the workplace. He has a passion using technology to create better customer experiences, wringing out waste and discovering the real factors that stand in the way of people and organizations reaching their full potential. He has successfully launched several startups with a common theme of applying advanced technology to solve fundamental problems but also to accomplish the little things that improve productivity and contribute to the bottom line.

David Esser

David’s career has focused on Internet and mobile applications, SaaS, e-Commerce,  software, the emerging IoT opportunity and the critical component hardware device innovation. Throughout his career David has built and managed extremely competent, innovative teams of technology professionals to deliver results. Part of that has been in Product Management CTO leadership roles creating compelling internet and mobile applications. Because of the dynamic and exploratory nature of disruptive changes in business models and how and where value is created, David has been actively engaged in strategy development and implementation for complex internet and mobile applications.

Vipin Chawla

Vipin has over 25 years of experience in building and delivering technology solutions for Fortune-50 sized global organizations as well as small/medium sized companies and the public sector. Vipin founded Instant Systems, where he serves as its CEO. Instant Systems is developing the next generation of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products for small/mid-sized enterprises and government agencies. He is an advisor/investor for a number of startups in software, offshore services, and life sciences areas. Previously he was the CTO and VP of Products for PublicBuy.Net, a leader in electronic procurement in the state government, and their associated entity for airport procurement systems, AirportLink. Vipin played a key role in PublicBuy’s acquisition by Tier Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: TIER), a government sector financial systems company, in May 2004.

Steve Hirshfeld

Mark Twain once said, “You can’t trust your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” Steve loves the challenge of finding answers to complex questions as he figures there are enough people dealing with the more immediate and visible challenges an organization faces. But he knows that these breakthroughs only matter if you can bring them into the real world marketplace and execute on them. Having been Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Business Development for Honeywell and then working as a consultant and senior advisor to over 50 companies, he learned how to find the common threads from disparate fields and business models and bring these insights into other companies so that they can act on them and achieve greater differentiation and success.

Scott Nelson

Scott’s passion is strategic and operational leadership with a focus on Internet of Things (IoT) to create transformational new business opportunities. He enjoys working with cross functional teams in startups and mid-sized companies pursuing rapid growth through innovation and technology application. He has leveraged his expertise and experience across a wide range of markets and connected applications to help companies achieve high levels of profitably growth. He is an experienced practitioner of comprehensive operational and financial management of a business using strong interpersonal and formal communication skills, team building with strategic partners, customer relationship management, and strategic planning for a multi-faceted organizations.  To accomplish this he founded Reuleaux Technology, a strategic consulting firm doing business model transformation, go-to-market strategy development, and technology roadmapping.

Kris Winer

After formal training (BA Physics, 1980, Cal State University, Fullerton, MS, PhD, 1985, Applied Science/Engineering, UC Davis) and three stints for post-doctoral research (Max-Planck-Institute for Solid-State Physics, Stuttgart, Germany 1985-1987, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, 1987-1990, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, 1990-1991, Tokyo, Japan), Kris joined Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for a 25 year career designing conventional and nuclear weapons.

Let us demystify the Internet of Things and help you manage your
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