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The FactorLab IIOT Platform

The FactorLab platform is designed to be flexible, adaptable, and scalable to fit a wide variety of your customers’ needs.

FactorLab is a hardware and software “laboratory” for innovation and experimentation. We work closely with you to test out and create value for the specific applications that best suit your customers’ needs. Most of the companies we work with have a few pieces of the puzzle but are missing something. We help connect the pieces together and fill in the gaps so that you can learn quickly what works and where more investigation is required. Once we figure this out we work to rapidly convert these insights and device level intelligence into better-run operations, delivering higher productivity and creating experiences and results exceeding your customers’ expectations. The end result is an application and/or solution that is integrated with your systems and core processes that leverages your core competencies.

Device Management and Native Mobile Client Applications

Device Management
Sensor, beacon, gateway hub, and system partners share information with us through our highly configurable REST API. We are adaptable and open with our approach to collecting information and data. We support integrations in all environments. We collaborate and support companies and entrepreneurs who are still working on getting their sensors to the cloud.

Native Mobile Client Applications
We develop native mobile IIoT applications for both Apple and Android devices. Our flexible platform enables us to quickly build high performing custom applications tailored to specific use cases, work flows and user roles.

Workflow Process and Form and Checklist Management

Our unique highly configurable work flow engine allows us to support an endless set of inspection, observation, status, comment, open issue, warranty, ticketing and work order use cases. If you have a process where a machine or a person needs to communicate the status and that status needs to be scored and sent on to others for action, we can help.

Thing, Object, Plant, Line, and User Management

Configuration is the key. Whether you have objects from a 3D model or components of a line, or even the entire line, you need a flexible way to configure these “things”, add attributes and then relate them to one another. The FactorLab platform provides both flexibility and rapid association of these items to process workflows, messaging, reporting and enterprise analysis.

Entity, Security, and Permissions Management

It has to be secure. We have invested five years hardening our system at all levels. Our security protocols and measures have been vetted by our most security conscious customers and partners including Allstate Insurance, IBM, Salesforce and CEMEX.

Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Cognitive Modeling

The FactorLab platform supports all the primary use cases you would imagine out of the box: time series, event based, scoring, and comparisons. Our experts enable you to use predictive modeling, computing visioning, cognitive and machine learning for a better customer experiences.

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