“Field engagement isn’t a checklist, it’s a culture.”

That’s the overriding mindset at Cupertino Electric, Inc. (CEI), says Brent Bowers, CEI’s corporate safety manager. Since 2017, CEI has experienced a 20% reduction in its accidents and injuries. Our latest case study shares how this ENR Top 5 electrical contractor partnered with SmartTagIt to streamline processes, build trust and increase safety engagement.

About Cupertino Electric

  • Electric contractor headquarters in San Jose, CA; licensed in 27 states
  • $1.46 billion annual revenue with 3,500 employees
  • ENR 2020 #5 ranked electrical contractor
  • SmartTagIt customer since 2017

Cupertino Electric Business Impact with SmartTagIt

Personal risk assessments and observations made every month
Cumulative decrease in the recordable incidents since 2017
Injuries on CEI data center projects after half a million manhours.

Case Study Highlights

Because the core markets CEI serves (commercial, energy, data center) have unique safety requirements and proprietary reporting systems mandated by customers, CEI operated a number of different safety processes—some on paper, some with one app, some with another. While these individual processes worked, they were unwieldy and disconnected as an overall system.

Response: Working with SmartTagIt’s customer success team, CEI reduced its safety processes from 52 to 8. These were all integrated into the SmartTagIt mobile application.

When CEI first started working with SmartTagIt, engagement by field crews was low—roughly a few hundred observations were gathered each month, resulting in static metrics that were always “behind” events in the field.

Response: Three years after adopting SmartTagIt, CEI’s safety system is humming. Crews are logging more than 30,000 safe and at-risk observations and personal risk assessments a month, giving CEI data they never had before and helping identify vulnerabilities before they become real problems.

Today, 1,000 field crew members with company-provided devices are actively using SmartTagIt on job sites across the U.S. “Great ideas start with great people,” is another CEI mantra. By making its skilled employees the chief drivers of its safety system, CEI encourages its workforce to actively contribute toward keeping each other safe.

Download the full case study.