What do you
really want out
of your safety system?

  • Results everyone can celebrate.
  • Leaders you helped grow.
  • Conversations you’re proud of.
  • Processes with less friction.

It takes fresh indicators, simple tools designed for field use — and a different kind of technology partner.

Let’s Make This Better

Continuous improvement & injury-free operations start now.

Collecting information should have a purpose

What’s the point of filling out and filing safety forms? It should mean more than just compliance. We give you the information and tools you need to benchmark your systems, coach your teams and improve safety outcomes.

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Remove risk with the right indicators

People make safety happen—not a series of checkboxes. So we’ve spent decades applying the science of human factors in the workplace. Now, it’s time to get rid of metric clutter and focus on the high-impact indicators that matter most to your safety goals.

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Award-winning incident and injury reduction software and metrics

See why recognized, best-in-class cultures and organizations trust FactorLab for:

  • Leading indicators
  • Automated recognition systems
  • Safety data science
  • Decision intelligence

The numbers speak for themselves…



It does not surprise us
when our customers
cut workplace injuries in
half and then keep going.


less time to
complete a task

Our customers frequently report dramatically cutting data collection times.


increase in monthly
field engagement

You read this correctly. Engagement goes through the roof.


reach 2x improvement or more in participation and engagement

And that improvement just keeps accelerating with time.

Explore our innovative solutions

Safety Data Science
Innovative applications based in scientific reasoning and evidence.

Leading Safety Indicators
Delivers remarkable, specifically targeted, risk and safety insights to deliver the outcomes you want.

Video Pre-Task Plans
Simple, effective, and innovative approach to safety and risk management.

AI Assist
AI becomes your ally in ensuring safety excellence by simplifying hazard recognition and enhancing pre-task planning.

Digital Safety Forms
Observations, pre-task plans, inspections, audits, permits … reimagined.

Accelerate production and safety requirements, site constraints and production outcomes.

Want a better culture next week?

Explore the seven elements of a highly effective daily planning conversation in our latest white paper. Designed and actively applied by thousands of users every day, this common sense, high impact, applied ML framework is available for you to put to work today.

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