We convert the enormous potential of the Industrial IoT into real business results to improve operations, increase productivity and deliver exciting game changing experiences for our customers

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Real improvements in production, up time and safety.

If you provide high value manufacturing equipment or deliver highly complex commercial capital projects you know how difficult it is to stand out and maintain your competitive advantages. You may also recognize there are many new ways sensors, wearables, mobile applications, and data analysis can help you support your customer and how they use your product to drive better financial results. What you may not have is the time, expertise or focus to close the gap between good ideas and real applications that produce results. FactorLab can help. We can implement our customizable IIoT platform for you more quickly and at lower cost than has been possible for before.

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Connect Equipment To The Devices That Fit Your Customer’s Needs

It is less expensive and easier than ever before to access information from new, existing or in-place equipment – utilizing IIoT (Industrial Internet of things). What might not be clear is how to put that information to work or package it in a way that your customer values. We understand. For the past 15 years we have been building applications that connect equipment to devices. This experience is baked into our approach and technology platform.

Leverage Our Team for Innovation, Development and Implementation

If building custom applications for your customer is not your core competence or you have a limited budget, we provide expertise to give you a head start on the development, innovation, and technology front. Our team has a genuine passion for helping you discover and demonstrate new ways for technology to deliver value and better serve your customers. All of our experts are proven and seasoned in their respective fields and understand the challenges and opportunities of companies of all sizes (from Fortune 50 to the two person start up) and across a range of industries.

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Let us demystify the Internet of Things and help you manage your
networks and grow your business along the way.