Easy Forms,
Serious insight.

You want to improve your safety systems, but before you can start leveraging insights, you have to actually capture the right information in one place. That’s why we developed forms that are both smart and easy, so you get increased participation in important safety processes—and a mountain of insight into the quality and effectiveness of your safety systems.

This stuff is
digital gold
for safety.

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improvement in field
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less time spent
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systems, forms &
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Here’s how you get there

Your success is ours, so we take a strategic approach to getting your organization up and running. In fact, we do not proceed—and you do not pay—if your team is not successful. Explore our “Crawl, Walk, Run” journey to improvement.

Together, we chart the rollout of and define what you want to accomplish. Because commitment from the field leaders is a strong predictor of success, before we begin, we help get alignment and prove your saving time, getting actionable information and feel great about your decision.

Great examples that you captured in the crawl phase energize the walk phase. In this stage you and your leaders to celebrate and encourage those endeavoring to improve your safety systems. During this phase you are also learning how to roll expand and get more teams involved. When you are done with this phase you will have solid base of internal raving fans and the knowledge you need to plan your next phase of impact.

Having primed your team and now generating tons of examples of what you want from your safety system(s), you are now successfully, and sustainably, expanding to the rest of your organization. This includes, among other things, introducing your best practices and what you have learned to new participants, clear expectations from leaders, and a robust approach to celebrating the culture you have nudged forward.

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