Customer Interview: Fostering Safety with Better Toolbox Talks

October 30, 2018/by Barry Nelson

SmartTagIt is discovering new ways to improve the lives and safety of those closest to the work.

But to do that best, its important we understand the challenges our customers face with reducing accidents and injuries and driving safety engagement.

Our team recently interviewed multiple customers from a variety of industries and backgrounds to hear their insights on safety, and learn how SmartTagIt has influenced their workplace.

A Conversation with Dave Hernandez

After his own injuries kept him homebound when he’d rather have been working, Dave Hernandez knows first-hand how injuries affect workers.

In his 40 years in the construction business he’s served as a carpenter, foreman, supervisor and superintendent.

His transition from production to safety required a shift in his point of view. Rather than doing the work himself, Hernandez had to observe and come up with creative ways to help his projects stay safe.

Dave: I began asking myself, is this task safe to be doing and what do I have to do to keep my guys from getting hurt?

Dave invested his time in ensuring that the workers “do the right thing and don’t take any shortcuts.” To accomplish that end, he now uses the SmartTagIt system to evaluate conditions, behaviors and encourage more effective tool box talks.

SmartTagIt frees up his time to concentrate on the workers and what he can do to help those closest to the work engage in behaviors that drive down the chance of an accident or injury.

Dave: I’ve seen safety systems before, but they actually didn’t encourage workers to participate in conversations about safety.

Hernandez has also had experience with safety professionals only relating unsafe behaviors, when reinforcing positive behavior is equally as important in keeping workplace practices secure.

SmartTagIt encourages engagement with those closest to the work and makes it easier for field leaders to provide meaningful and effective positive reinforcement.

Dave: You get the people that you’re talking to to respond….either the supervisor or the safety guy leading the meeting to get those people engaged.

How SmartTagIt uses Toolbox Talks to Improve Safety Behavior

Before the work begins, the workers for any particular site have a brief discussion to make sure they are all on the same page for the day. The conversations are captured via SmartTagIt and posted along with detailed work plan for the day. This eliminates the need for a multiple paper forms and provides a unique insight into the quality of daily safety planning conversations.

Sharing toolbox talk conversations captured in SmartTagIt encourages the workers to take an active role in communicating about safety. A fellow SmartTagIt follower who is offsite can see which workers are engaging in the meetings.

Hernandez knows how important that kind of participation can be. He also knows how serious accidents and injuries can be. Not just for the company, but for the workers and their families.

Dave: If you talk to them and let them know you care about them and what they’re doing…it gives them more enthusiasm about their work…I’ve found that most of the time people that are paying attention, do things the right way.

See SmartTagIt for Yourself

SmartTagIt is a safety coaching tool that gets crews to “switch on” in their safety conversations and better aware of their daily activities, which is one of the largest obstacles in fostering safe work practices.

Contact us today for more details about how SmartTagIt can improve your business’ safety here.