3 Tips for Leading Better JHA Conversations

June 26, 2019/by Barry Nelson

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Kimberly Tanner, an expert and leading researcher in helping educators become more effective at engaging students.

Our conversation was fascinating, and the correlations between her research and our goal of engaging those closest to the work through healthy daily safety planning conversation are very close together.

I would not do justice trying to summarize her work. However, the link to one of our papers is here if you want to read more and dig into the details.

What I will share below with you today are three really helpful tips she provided, and a link with more information on Coaching JHA conversations.

Dr. Tanner’s Tips for Leading Better Daily Planning Conversations

  1. Ask questions to the team before you start talking.
  2. Physically move around while you are doing the JHA/PTP.
  3. Mix it up! Have fun and let everyone participate in how this conversation unfolds every day.

For deeper guidance on how to improve your own JHAs and daily conversations, try out these tips for improvement.

For a Spanish version of the same helpful tips, just click here.

Look for more from us on these topics in the future.

But in the meantime, we would love to hear how you’re applying these tips suggested by Dr. Tanner.