Customer Interview: Enabling a Preventative Safety Strategy

SmartTagIt is discovering new ways to improve the lives and safety of those closest to the work.

But to do that best, its important we understand the challenges our customers face with reducing accidents and injuries and driving safety engagement.

Our team recently interviewed multiple customers from a variety of industries and backgrounds to hear their insights on safety, and learn how SmartTagIt has influenced their workplace.

A Conversation with Adam Harmeyer

With a background in architecture, accounting and psychology, it’s easy to wonder how Adam Harmeyer landed in the safety profession.

He planned to go into psychology, but didn’t want to spend 8 years in school. It was when he was still in school that his uncle suggested he try taking classes in occupational safety and health.

Adam: “You have to be very self-driven and motivated and that fit the bill for me. Some people go to school to be a doctor to save lives, and I went to school to be a safety professional to make sure that they don’t have to go to the doctor in the first place.”

Facing Safety Leadership Challenges

In our conversation Harmeyer talked about the challenge of managing all the types of information Safety Leaders are required to collect, share, and analyze.

Adam: “There’s too much information that has to be accounted for on a daily basis”.

Monitoring job briefings and tool box talks, JHA and JSA, checking proper PPE, generating reports of all types, conducting individual safety coaching, and checking for unsafe conditions are just a handful of his responsibilities and the responsibilities of many safety professionals.

Adam: “Coaching is primarily for the workers on the spot, and the paperwork is for those that aren’t in the field. We’re the eyes, we take pictures, we write notes and we send that stuff to those who can’t be there.”

SmartTagIt helps Harmeyer quickly and easily share the information he collects in the field with others who need it.

Adam: “The majority of my day is spent out with crews…watching them work.”
If he sees anything that violates safety values, regulations or company policies and procedures he must stop, coach, correct and move on.

For Harmeyer, there is no such thing as extra time. He especially likes the tracking metrics feature that links the subject matter in the SmartTagIt posts, reports, and observations. He calls it the subject line, or focal point.

Adam: “It’s a very easy to use system.”

We at FactorLab are grateful he uses SmartTagIt to help him and his team avoid those trips to the doctor.

Try SmartTagIt for your Team

SmartTagIt is a safety coaching tool that gets crews to engaged in safety conversations and better aware of their daily activities, one of the largest obstacles in cultivating safer workplace practices.

Learn more details about how SmartTagIt can improve your business’ safety here.