Customer Interview: Trading Forms for Actionable Observations

October 30, 2018/by Barry Nelson

SmartTagIt is discovering new ways to improve the lives and safety of those closest to the work.

But to do that best, its important we understand the challenges our customers face with reducing accidents and injuries and driving safety engagement.

Our team recently interviewed multiple customers from a variety of industries and backgrounds to hear their insights on safety, and learn how SmartTagIt has influenced their workplace.

A Conversation with Bobby Chapman

Bobby Chapman is serious about safety. So serious that he’s written himself up twice. He laughs about it now, but not about the necessity of personal responsibility when it comes to safety.

One of the many components of his job is observation. Chapman hates wasting time filling out forms.

Bobby: If you’re in this industry you want to be involved in watching [the workers]. You need to be focused on what they’re doing…I want the boys to know that I’m watching.

In the past few months Chapman has captured and shared over 175 field observations. The reports Chapman and his team require are generated from the observations he makes on the spot. He likes that SmartTagIt is tailored to him, a feature he didn’t see in previous systems. He not only uses it for construction, but also for traffic control.

Bobby: It’s user friendly for any type of work.

Chapman knows that observing and noting safe conditions is just as important as recognizing unsafe. He knows that the workers he observes are more likely to be engaged in concerns for safety when they know that the things they do correctly are also part of what is communicated. SmartTagIt allows him to do that.

Bobby: I can go in and see any one of my colleagues that are doing the same thing…With one large project we are working, there’s three or four yards that are using SmartTagIt so I can see what they’re doing They can see what I’m doing.

With SmartTagIt, the information, the photographs and observations, only have to be recorded once in order to produce audits, pie chart, graphs and other reports. This removes the need to send multiple e-mails to other locations because all the information is linked between users. The observations can be for either safe or unsafe conditions and they don’t have to have lengthy descriptions.

Bobby: You don’t have to write a book.

When you are as busy as Bobby, the last thing you want or need is burden of feeling like you have to write a book to communicate what you saw today and how you are keeping those closest to the work engaged in the activities that have a real impact in driving down accidents and injuries. For Chapman, on-the-job safety is no laughing matter.

Trying SmartTagIt for Yourself

SmartTagIt is a safety coaching tool that gets crews to “switch on” in their safety conversations and better aware of their daily activities, which is one of the largest obstacles in fostering safe work practices.

Contact us today and learn more details about how SmartTagIt can improve your business’ safety here.