SmartTagIt: A Simple, Proven and Effective Way to Improve Daily Safety Planning

November 20, 2019/by Barry Nelson

The PreTask Planning (PTP) or Task Hazard Assessment (THA) Process is broken.

People closest to the work have come to dread those first 15-minutes of the day where too much time is spent just going through the motions of safety planning, filling forms, and collecting pencil-whipped signatures that don’t actually engage people to think about and plan for the hazards that lay ahead of them later in the day.

It’s been proven that when people aren’t engaged in their daily planning, they aren’t going to remain as alert in the field. This naturally leads to higher rates of accidents and injuries, which is something no organization can afford.

With the help of SmartTagIt you can turn possibly the worst fifteen minutes of the day into a five-minute thoughtful, well planned conversation that gets those closest to the work truly engaged.

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