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FactorLab develops customized IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) applications and solutions for companies with an emphasis in three industries:

  • Mid Sized Manufacturing
  • Building Operations and Maintenance
  • Commercial Construction

Additionally, we develop domain specific applications in critical areas like core operational processes, maintenance, safety, sales, and customer experience. These applications provide our customers with better insights into how their customers operate. Enabled by these insights our customers and their customers make more informed decisions, drive greater efficiencies, improve operations, and increase revenue

Operational Improvements

FactorLab is working closely with a manufacturer of large complex manufacturing equipment. Together we are developing a series of custom applications that improve productivity and equipment up time for their customer. Using a combination of low energy devices, custom vibration sensors and existing equipment controls, we are helping their customers keep equipment running longer, reducing the chance of failure and driving double digit improvements in daily yields.

Creating New Customer Experiences

To remain competitive in an age of heightened customer expectations, manufacturers need to deliver the best possible customer experience throughout the life cycle of the machinery they build, install, and maintain. Industrial IoT platforms, wireless connectivity, sensors, mobility, and data analytics allow you to achieve this in ways not previously possible.

Customers are looking for responsive and reliable solutions. A positive customer experience can lead to significant revenue growth. Instead of turning over documents or PDF’s you can give your customers a mobile application that lets them better manage the asset you provided them. It also creates new ways for you to engage and generate incremental or brand new revenue sources.

Asset Performance Management and Maintenance

Improving asset performance can lead to greater efficiencies, higher productivity, and increase field service effectiveness. The capabilities and technology now exist to develop customized applications that incorporate predictive maintenance, asset analytics, and asset management to more effectively address operating and business needs. FactorLab can help you develop applications to improve building and equipment performance and operations.

An Example of FactorLab in Action
In concert with a global contractor and Stanford University we implemented a first of it’s kind low energy blue tooth device application in one of Stanford’s new science facilities. The application alerts service technicians when they are in proximity of critical equipment to identify what service needs to be completed. No more outdated paper forms, missed tasks and disconnected processes.

Safety and Risk Reduction

Inspired by the requirements of the University of Texas and their $3B capital improvement program we utilized machine visioning technology to better understand the effectiveness of daily huddles and construction outcomes, especially accidents and injuries.

Manufacturers and building property management companies are also capitalizing on the use of sensors as a form of early warning system to reduce downtime and occurrences of accidents resulting in injury or loss of life and extensive damage to equipment. Insurance property and casualty companies are experimenting with IIoT services. They are using sensor technology to remotely monitor business equipment and manage risk. This could prevent millions of dollars in losses.

Using 3D Virtual Digital Assets To Find, Fix, Respond and Operate

Digitalization can produce a digital copy of an asset, enabling companies to perform simulation, testing, and optimization in a virtual environment before committing actual resources. This includes an archive of historical and real-time data, drawings, models, bills of material, engineering and dimensional analysis, manufacturing data, and operational history that can be used as a baseline when benchmarking performance.

An Example of FactorLab In Action
FactorLab has been working with a multi-billion dollar commercial contractor to reinvent the capital project turn over process. This tightly integrated development team is breaking down the barriers to creating new models and/or using existing 3D construction models for ongoing operations. Rather than merely turning over a thumb drive of documents to the customer, this contractor is turning over a ready to use system that monitors energy, maintenance compliance, work orders, and ongoing space utilization.

Simple, Quick and Proven Methods To Improve Sales Performance

For the past five years FactorLab has been working closely with proven dozens of proven sales trainers (Sandler, The Demo Guru) and experts develop new ways to coach and improve sales performance. We provide custom coaching and sales performance improvement applications – designed and proven to have incredible, quick results.

Let us demystify the Internet of Things and help you grow your
business along the way.